1. Do I have to pre-order my items?

Not at all, but we do recommend it if you plan on coming later in the day or if you have specific items that you would like. 

2. Which of your products are gluten-free?

Everything at 3 Apples Bakery is Gluten-Free

3. Which items are dairy-free?

All of our breads are dairy-free. Our pastries and cookies contain butter and the cookies contain milk in the chocolate chips.

4. Is your bakery nut-free?

The bakery is not nut-free. We do not use peanuts in the bakery, but we do use tree nuts. 

5. Do you use corn products?

We do not use corn flour and our baking powder is corn free. If an item is dusted in icing sugar or has marshmallow, it will contain corn.