About us

Our little bakery opened in July 2021, right in the middle of a global pandemic, in the tiny and pituresque town of Pakenham, ON. 

Our products were made for those who tired of being disappointed with their gluten free treats. Because treats should never be disappointing, it's literally in the definition. 

Our Chef is an award winning classically trained Cordon Bleu chef, turned gluten-free over 20 years ago.  Chef Matthew has worked in a number of different settings from fine dining restaurants and corporate catering, to owning his own food truck. 

If you missed us on CTV News - click the photo to take you to our story.

lbs of GF flour used per month in the bakery
amazing people who work at 3 Apples
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Not your typical bakery 

When you walk through our doors, you'll be transported into an enchanting world where our artisan pastries take days to make but only seconds to disappear! We work our magic into every recipes and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful, handmade pastry or dessert, whether or not you are gluten-free.

Wait, did they say Magic?

We sure did - because gluten-free can’t possibly taste good, right? Not true, anmore! We’ve discovered the magic that transforms dough into delicious, gluten-free pastries and desserts without ever sacrificing flavour. We’ve perfected these treasured recipes and worked our magic into every single one. Our gluten-free pastries don’t taste like the typical wheat-based baked goods because they’re not. Our baked goods, sourdough croissants and bread are made with various grains for texture and incredible flavour. 

We also don’t mess around when it comes to gluten and cross-contamination - our dedicated gluten-free facility is here to ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of consuming gluten.

About Us - 3 Apples